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Are you looking to make quick CASH? Do you know of a house that is not currently listed with a real estate agent in any location, in any condition?

Please fill out the finders fee agreement and we will contact you shortly.

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In consideration of services to be rendered by (Finder), Cashbuy Alliance, LLC (Company), hereby employs Finder to refer to Company a prospective Seller or Owner.

1. Finder hereby delivers to Client particulars concerning a real estate property that Client may wish to purchase:

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2. As compensation for Finder’s referral, Client agrees to pay Finder as follows: 2% (minimum $500, maximum $5,000) of the purchase price of the property.

3. Finder’s compensation shall be paid upon the closing of the purchase of the above-cited real property and upon execution of IRS form W-9 Form by the Finder.

4. Purchase price shall be agreed upon by Company and Seller.
A Seller is not a finder and no fee will be paid to a Seller.

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