Before you sell your house for cash in Philadelphia or call a we buy houses company READ THIS !!!! Or call 1-877-97-BUYER for information

Not all companies that buy houses for cash fast are the same.  Whether your selling fast for cash or have time to sell if you are in Philadelphia,  Wilmington  Delaware, Montgomery county,  Bucks county, Delaware county or Tioga county or any where please ask these questions to whom ever we buy houses company you speak to !!!!!

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1. Do you use option contracts or an agreement of sale ?                     option                                      both

An agreement of sale from Cashbuy Alliance LLC will  have a substantial deposit.  If Cashbuy Alliance LLC @ 1-877-97-buyer would back out on the deal after determining clear title and ability to transfer the deposit would be surrendered  to the seller as damages. We lose thousands not $10 dollars that MR SCREW OWNER gives as a deposit.  IF WE HAVE A DEAL WE CLOSE THE DEAL !

In cases where Cashbuy Alliance LLC ‘s guidelines are not meant for a cash purchase we do use option contracts to allow us to market your property by LICENSED REAL ESTATE at no cost to you for a fast sale for cash.

2. Do you record your option contracts ?                                                    yes                                      yes

Options can be recorded.  Recorded options In many cases cause the owner to satisfy the recorded option agreement to transfer the property if it is breached.   If an option is recorded be certain a clause in the option agreement states that if the option contract is not executed by a stated date a release of the option will be recorded.  The recording is to protect the buyer while the property is marketed at Cashbuy Alliance LLC ‘s expense . The release protects you the seller from complications in selling if the option term expires with no signed contract.

3. Is a licensed agent handling all paperwork ?                                         no                                         YES

Cashbuy Alliance LLC uses licensed agents to handle the paperwork involved. A licensed real estate agent has a code of ethics that must be followed or they will be penalized greatly for it.  Mr we buy houses fast for cash has no standards or regulations to go buy. So which would you prefer MR. SCREW OWNER or a licensed real estate agent.

4. Who will pay closing costs ?                                                                         YOU                                Cashbuy Alliance LLC

Cashbuy Alliance LLC pays all closing costs including transfer tax

5. Do you use subject to agreements ?                                                         yes                                          yes

In an extremely distressed situation or a low equity situation  a subject to deal is an option.  This can avoid foreclosure however your name is still on the mortgage.

6. Do you offer counseling to                                                          absolutely  not                     yes

explain the risk involved in a subject to deal ?

In the case where a subject to deal is the only way to avoid foreclosure we offer free of charge a  counseling session to inform you of the risks involved.

7. Do you handle shortsales                                                   We can Try                                      We specialize in short sales

Cashbuy Alliance LLC not only handles short sales but they also multiple list the property with marketing by a LICENSED REAL ESTATE  agent.


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