Energy Deregulation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Me and my team have been trying frantically for months to create a website for the people.  Energy deregulation is a big deal yet these companies will not cooperate.   We have been continuously shot down by these energy companies for an explanation of rates. Yet they claim to want to help the people by energy deregulation.  They are no better than any other business, money hungry corporate animals. These corporate animals will be slaughtered if i have my way, or maybe they will surrender and heed to the inevitable.  Energy for the people by the people ,who understand the day to day struggle just to stay afloat in this world and this economy. I will keep you updated on my progress in the coming days.  If anyone sees this that has connections to local or city news papers in the tri state please respond to the blog with how to contact you. this is a story that must be exposed.

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